Exploring Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect little city break to clear your mind and just relax, from chilling in a random coffee shop to enjoying a bike ride around the bustling city centre or taking a nice long stroll in the sun at Vondel park you’re sure to find something in Amsterdam to relax your soul and put your mind at ease… at least for a few days until reality kicks in and you’re back at home dreading to go to work.

I stayed at an apartment called Eric Vokel for 3 days and 2 nights in one of the most beautiful apartments Amsterdam has to offer.


Located just 5 minutes walking distance from the Train stationed 10 minutes from the centre, this apartment was in the most perfect spot.


What do I rate this apartment?

Comfort: 8- The size of the overall apartment including the bedrooms were a very decent size, very spacious and modern.

Cleanliness: 9 – The apartment was cleaned to perfection, not one spec of dust in sight, compared to previous trips this is by far the cleanest apartment i have stayed in.

Service: 7- Be aware when you are booking on Booking.com as they advertise apartments with no deposit, however you are required to pay a deposit, so make sure you read any small print before going forward with your booking. They provided us with every type of cutlery you could think of it was perfect. Overall the staff were very friendly and assertive.

This wasn’t  the first time I’ve been to Amsterdam so I was quite familiar with where I was going and certain little side streets to turn down. The weather on the first day was absolutely terrible, there was rain, wind, thunder then more rain but that didn’t stop me from exploring the city to its fullest.

Things to do in Amsterdam…


The shopping mall De B’jenkorf slap bang in the middle of dam square where you can shop until your hearts content with all of  the luxurious retailers such as Gucci, Balmain, Louis Vuitton and loads more.



I was in absolute H E A V E N!




There are literally a million cute little boutique shops all different in their own way offering a variety of clothing from self made to wholesale to designer goods.



This cute little boutique store had such a calming colour scheme and great aesthetics.


They sold designer goods such as Nike trainers, Adidas jackets and vans etc…



You can also find retail stores such as Forever 21, Zara and Mango all within 10-15 minutes waking distance within each other.



Wok to Walk

Wok to Walk is a fast food Chinese takeaway with surprisingly fresh produce.


I ended up ordering wholewheat noodles with chicken, shrimp and veg in an Oyster sauce.

You have a choice of noodle, meat and sauce you would like with your dish, and when you’re finished you’re served with this delightful box of deliciousness.



La Grotto Breakfast Bar

I headed to ‘Lagrotto’ breakfast bars i have been here before. They had a narrow range of food to choose from, which mostly consisted of hot/cold sandwiches or panini’s, burgers or Steak.


NOTE!: Amsterdam is sooooo expensive so be cautious of what food and drinks you buy when you go out there. If you are staying in an apartment like I was, I would suggest visiting the local supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and buying food to cook, just so you’re not splashing out unnessesarily.

NOTE!: The shops in Amsterdam have some… unique requirements such as ‘no hats’, once you enter a coffee shop you must buy a drink, and in some cases paying to use the toilets.

They serve fresh mint tea with lemon and honey which is so refreshing I would order one everyday. I also love the style of glasses they serve their drinks in, very retro.



This coffee shop has such a calming vibe, I would definitely visit here again.


The staff in La Grotto are super friendly, so much she offered to take a picture with me… behind the bar!


What do I rate this coffee shop?

Hospitality: 9 – They offer a great service with friendly staff.

Comfort: 7 – The place is quite small and can only fit a number of people in, I sat on benches which was quite uncomfortable after a while.

Food: 5 – The Food is average but still very satisfying and the menu was quite limited.



You can also find some more familiar fast food restaurants such as Kfc and mcdonalds.


Heineken Factory

Visit the heineken factory and enjoy a cool 2 free drinks while you’re exploring their history and learning interesting facts about their assets.





The Heineken Factory is quite a distance from the centre, however it is a nice walk.



You can hire bikes from various locations and explore Amsterdam to its fullest, just as a local citizen, prices vary from £10+




Coffee Shops

Grey Area


The Grey Area are notoriously known for having some of the best weed in Amsterdam I would recommend this place if you smoke Weed or are looking for a unique experience.

Feels Good Coffee Shop



Green House Coffee shop (Next to the Red Light District)

Known for their wide weed collection.


They had so much to choose from, inside was a decent size if you wanted to sit down and chill, of course you would need to purchase a drink first!



Did I mention Icons Like RIHANNA have visited here!!!


As well as other celebrities such as 50 Cent, Alicia Keys and Skepta.


Prix d’am

Located on Dam rack, inside there are 3 floors of pure relaxation.


Theres also a room where you and your friends can play pool, smoke, drink, watch football and listen to music.


Free world coffee shop

Very comforting with friendly staff and a nice atmosphere.


You can also kick back and watch a footie match if you’re up for it or just relax and listen to their music.


Smoking joints inside and cigarettes outside can take some getting used to. Seriously, they will freak out if you take out a cigarette.


Hope you liked this Blog post, Ill be sure to take you to wherever I decide to go to next!

You could also…

Visit Amsterdam’s Local museums no more than 4 Euros per person.

Take a bike ride to vondal park and spend a day relaxing in the sun after all it is free!!!

Go sight seeing and take pictures of the Canal’s, and experience everything their beautiful City has to offer.


Night Life

Bar Brasil

A small bar located near the Heineken factory, they play a range of music from dancehall/bashment, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop etc.

I would definitely recommend visiting this bar, I promise you will leave satisfied!

Follow them on snapchat to keep updated: Barbrasil

Please like, share and comment any places you visited while in Amsterdam and let me know what you think.





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