Chilli and garlic butter whole chicken

It’s Sunday morning and after an eventful night out, you could imagine how sluggish I felt when I realised it was time to get up and start making Sunday dinner. I laid in bed, scrolling through my phone trying to convince myself to get up and make a start, after an hour or so, I found the courage to get up and start cooking. I decided to go with the easy option of making my chilli and garlic butter infused chicken, its so easy to make and delicious at the same time. For the ingredients you will need…


Whole chicken (Mine was medium)

2-3 tbsp Butter

2 tbsp Chicken seasoning (preferably reduced salt)

1 tbsp Season all spicy

1 tbsp Season all reduced salt

1 1/2 tsp Pepper

1 tbsp Paprika

2-3 tbsp Garlic powder

4 cloves garlic

One whole red chilli

2 medium sized onions or 1 large white onion

4 carrots or any veg of your choice


You can get most of these ingredients from your local super market, I got mine from Morrisons, they have a Schwartz range where you can find the season all and season all spicy, both reduced salt, seasonings.

Butter mixture:

Finely chop garlic and chilli.

Add garlic and chilli to butter adding a tiny bit of salt and pepper, to taste, then mix ingredients together.



Thoroughly wash and clean chicken with lemon, once clean and prepped, create a gap using your fingers and stuff the butter under the skin spreading evenly. This method makes your chicken extra juicy and succulent and creates a wonderful flavour.

Use remaining butter to massage on the outside of the chicken, don’t worry if you’ve used it all, the chicken will still eye flavoursome.

Lastly, add seasonings and massage in.

Leave for 2-3 hours in fridge or until you’re ready to cook. If you’re in a rush you can cook straight away.

Cut onions into rings like shown in the picture below and place in the middle of your tray.
Add salt, pepper and sugar to bring out the sweet flavours of the onion.


Remove chicken from fridge, and let it sit for around 20- 30 minutes, until it reaches room temperature. If you cook the chicken straight from the fridge, the chicken will be tough when you eat it, and you don’t want that!  Place chicken on top of the onions, dice and Add carrots to the tray covering with olive oil, cover with tin foil and cook on gas mark 4 for around an hour and a half or until chicken is fully cooked.

Mine was a medium chicken, cooking time varies on the size of your chicken.


Your chicken should be beautifully brown and flavourful!

img_6003Serve and enjoy!

I served mine with some chilli and herb swede and sweet and potatoes, (recipe will be available soon), hope you enjoy this recipe, its a great recipe for sunday dinner, its so quick and easy. Please like this recipe on my page.






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